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Top Kids Products– CuddleUppets

The Morning Show features some of the latest top rated products for the family including the Amazing CuddleUppets. CuddleUppets are parent tested and parent reviewed. Watch this video to learn more!

CuddleUppet As Seen On TV

CuddleUppets are the newest kids toy from Jay At Play. This cuddly product combines the coziness and warmth of a blanket with a fun and playful puppet. Any child is sure to be all smiles when they get their brand new CuddleUppet to cuddle and love forever.

The CuddleUppet blanket/puppet is the most enjoyable toy for those long car rides, and perfect for nap time. Your child will always feel safe and warm with their CuddleUppet! It comes in 6 colorful varieties: blue elephant, brown bear, green crocodile, pink poodle, purple monkey, and yellow puppy. They are fun to collect and even funner to play with. CuddleUppets are the perfect toy for playful puppet shows, outside adventures, and cozy cuddling. The fun never ends! After that long day of play, CuddleUppets will be their to tuck your child away.

Kids can make their puppet blankets sing, dance, and tell jokes as they laugh along. These cuddly puppets make great friends for creative children who love to play. Order today to wrap your child up in the warm, comfy fun of the CuddleUppets!

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A Cuddle Up Pet Experience

My son has wanted a Cuddle Uppet Green Crocodile since the first day he saw them on TV. He knows every word to that commercial by heart and never stops singing it. Since they are so new I didn’t think I’d be able to get one by his birthday, but I took the chance and it did actually get here in time.

In the two weeks that passed before I gave it to him, his attraction towards the CuddleUppets never left so I knew just how much he wanted it. My other two kids are a little older, so they aren’t as excited about this kind of stuff as he is. After getting my him a Happy Napper and seeing how happy he was, I knew that he would love this too!

It stinks that you can only order them over the internet. However, I can’t really complain about my experience. Shipping took no longer than a week and a half and it arrived just before his birthday. Perfect timing, I’d say! There were also no hidden charges, this company was straightforward and I was able to receive the CuddleUppet with no problems.

So, back to the Green Crocodile CuddleUppet. I loved how soft this blanket was, but also that is machine washable and very durable. My son plays with it outside all day and drags it around, gets it stuck on things, and drops it constantly. Luckily, it’s very strong so there are no rips or tears. Actually there is no sign of wearing at all! It has taken first place out of all his toys now, he never puts it down. I actually have to sneak it away if I want to clean it. I’m glad he loves it so much though.

As for the puppet part, the puppet head is fantastically effortless for her to work and fits any hand size well. This means that any kid can get the head operational without a problem, but the majority of adults can still operate it as well. The puppet part makes this a incredibly interactive toy and she is continuously playing with it. Lots of times I will hear her chatting with her Pink Poodle in the next room. Many of her friends now would like their own Cuddle Uppets after seeing her Pink Poodle.

It’s a toy, a puppet, and a blanket that kids truly love these. It is perfect for play time and is there to keep them all cuddled up at night. It’s perfect for any occasion as well like long car rides or trips to the grandparents.

This has been a great purchase and I know my son is going to be loving his Green Crocodile for a long time. Cuddleuppets receives two thumbs up from both myself and my son!

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CuddleUppets Review

The amazing blankets that are puppets are here, and they are hitting the U.S. by storm! You have probably heard the commercial and have that theme song stuck in your head. Cuddle Cuddle Uppets Blankets that are Puppets! Well, since I thought my kids would really like them, I went ahead and ordered Blue Elephant and green crocodile for my two boys. They finally arrived, and my kids love them. It seems like everyone in the neighborhood has them now too. Perfect! Maybe that will keep all of our kids busy for awhile ( : Anyway, they are super soft and the blanket is actually bigger than I thought it would be. My kids sing and dance with them, put on puppet shows, take naps, and even play with all their friends with them.

I don’t buy many as seen on TV toys because I don’t really know what they are going to look like when they arrive, or if they’ll really work. The CuddleUppets Blankets/Puppet is by far the best toy that I’ve ever purchased for them from online. The best part is that they are perfect for play time but can easily be tossed into the washer for a quick cleaning to protect from dirt and bacteria.

CuddleUppets are a wonderful friends for kids that not only serve a blanket, but a fun cuddle friend. If your kids are in daycare and need a blanket, then this is perfect! It’s also great for road trips to grandma and grandpa’s, but don’t forget it there, or you’ll have some unhappy children!

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CuddleUppets are your two most favorite things all rolled into one, a blanket that cuddles and a puppet that plays. Wrap up to a warm and fuzzy friend at night then run, jump, and giggle all day. Read a funny story with fuzzy pair, teach your crocodile to crawl and feast, and after a long day hit the hay with monkey. Cuddle here, play out there, CuddleUppet everywhere! You make them talk, and they’ll make you laugh. Dance and wiggle for a CuddleUppet show your whole family will love. Prance pink poodle through the park, or play hide and seek. When your finally ready to say goodnight, your CuddleUppet never forgets to hug you tight.

There’s a CuddleUppet waiting for you to snuggle and play for just $19.99! Pick from brown bear, pink poodle, yellow puppy, purple monkey, blue elephant, or green crocodile. The fun never ends with CuddleUp friends, you laugh and hold them tight, then CuddleUp at night.

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Cuddle Up Pet Features

Multi-Purpose- They are both a super soft blanket, and a fun and cuddly puppet that your child can enjoy playing with each and every day. The perfect friend and toy for both day and night.

Easy to clean- CuddleUppets soft surface makes them easy to toss right into the washer to prevent dirt and germs from remaining on the plush toy. Don’t forget to air dry!

So much fun- Kids of any age will love CuddleUppets, especially if all their friends have them too. There is just so much to do with these toys from puppet shows, to nap time, to tea parties, the fun never ends with CuddleUppets.

Great Colors – Children love colorful toys, they help spark their imaginations and creativity. CuddleUppets are specifically designed in the coolest colors, including: Pink, purple, blue, yellow, green and brown. The color and creative design of this toy helps it to stand out against its competition.

Soft and cuddly- Kids love stuffed animals, and what could be better than a stuffed animal puppet that is also a blanket? These are exactly what your child needs to stay cozy and warm all winter.

Built to last – CuddleUppets are made to last for a very long time. They are strong and durable, and made from the toughest material which is virtually ids proof.